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Training Content

Sessions are either individual or in a group of 3-5 goalkeepers all in the same skill level. Group sessions are the best way to get the tactical part of the goalkeeper position. We train goalkeepers from all clubs so the group sessions have the best goalkeepers from all over, not just one club. A session will contain the following:

Skill/Technical Work

The program introduces skillsets including set position, ball handling, shot stopping and distribution. Drills begin at a basic level and increase in complexity and speed.

Footwork, Agility, Balance and Coordination

Footwork is the most important asset to a goalkeeper. To have excellent footwork, a goalkeeper must also have excellent agility, balance and coordination (ABCs). At the Beginner level, goalkeepers will work with an agility ladder. Higher levels incorporate skill work with speed, agility, balance and coordination techniques. Goalkeepers must have good hand/foot/eye coordination.

Speed, Power and Explosion

A goalkeepers workload during a match can be explained with pressure training. Their workload can be described as brief, repetitive, and highly intense. Starting at the Advanced level, goalkeepers will be challenged with activities that will increase their overall speed, power and explosion through plyometric exercises targeted specifically for goalkeepers. These activities will also increase muscular endurance and psychological strength.

Tactical/Game Awareness

The first aspect of game awareness is applying skill work into gameplay. This is introduced in the Intermediate level of the program. As players advance through the levels, they will learn how, when, why and where to use certain techniques on the field based upon different game situations.

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